Hey! We’re KNEEBAR CLIMBING, a small team of design engineers, rock climbers - and you guessed it - consumers of copious cups of coffee. We started out in London, but are now proudly based in Bristol.

We mix waste coffee grinds into our holds to create unique, multifunctional and damn good training equipment! All the while, reducing the resin content needed, and finding a second use for the coffee we all love so much.

We started out with a goal of making a training product that could be used just as well at the crag, in the gym or at home.  This product had to be able to be used mounted on a wall, or just as effectively without needing to be mounted at all (view it here). Then, one glorious Saturday in London, while enjoying a coffee and a toastie at Harrowall, the idea came to try using waste coffee grinds as a filler material within our products. *ensued a year of tests, experiments, successes and failures* and now we’re proud to say we’ve cracked it and achieved a method of incorporating coffee grinds into our resin mixture without compromising on strength or performance. (It was trickier than it sounds!) 

Our ultimate goal is to open our own little coffee bar (with a bouldering wall), aptly named: The KNEEBAR, where the coffee we sell goes straight into the products we make - one day!

Check out our FAQ page if you've got any other questions. (If it's not answered there, feel free to drop us a line, we' love to hear from you!)


We're keeping things local as we currently source all our grinds from Flashpoint, a local climbing centre here in Bristol - meaning the coffee drunk by those budding boulderers is going back into the products used to bump them up to that next grade, hang on to that micro crimp for another couple of seconds - or finally achieve that one arm pull up! Flashpoint, and therefore KNEEBAR, get their coffee from a sustainable and ethical local coffee roaster: Wogan Coffee. Thanks a lot to both of these two companies, we recommend checking them out, they encompass all things KNEEBAR: Great coffee and great climbing!