Nope! Our parts function and act just as any other synthetic climbing hold - if not better. We've perfected the ratio and method for fully incorporating the coffee grinds into our parts with zero adverse effects. The fact our Boards can survive in excess of 500KG pressed through their bolt hole (without being supported by a surface) should give you some piece of mind that these things are pretty darn solid! You should avoid dropping climbing holds from any manufacturer as they may chip - this is true for us, though we've done a few drop tests and only seen a few scuffs (no chips) as a result...they're tough. Check out our Safety page for more info here.



Yes. You should always use a small amount of good quality climbing chalk when using our Boards, Edges and Barrels. Our products are cast from Toughened Polyurethane and should stay and feel the same for years - however the texture will eventually smooth out slightly with frequent use. Using chalk to remove excess moisture from your fingers will prevent/lessen slipping, and thus preserve the texture for longer.



Brushing with a standard climbing brush will be more than enough 99% of the time. For heavily used products in commercial gyms, pressure washing is also an option if needed. We recommend using sub 60°C water. Likewise, some climbing centres use a dilute acidic solutions to clean their holds - this is also acceptable. With both the acid wash and jet wash, be careful and use the recommended PPE!



As each part is cast and finished by hand, and with slight differences between moulds - some parts may have tiny differences. Be assured that any part that has been shipped, has been checked and quality approved. The slight differences you may notice may be: small amounts of resin visible on the stainless steel washers, colour variations or a few small bubbles.

Regarding the excess resin: we do our best to clean this off - any small amounts remaining will go after the part has been mounted (the screw will clean it out).

Regarding the colour: initially the colour of our products was fully dependant on the type of coffee we used (and how we dried out the grinds prior to casting) this is still the case, but now we also include a small amount of black pigment into our parts to try and ensure a uniform appearance, and allow them to seamlessly integrate with other black holds on a climbing route. nevertheless, there can still be slight differences...think 50 shades of black.

Regarding the bubbles: these can occur due to small amount of moisture still present in the coffee grinds, though we dry them out prior to casting, this can still happen. There will only tend to be one or two tiny surface bubbles if any. These will not affect the strength or performance of your parts at all.

Additional bubbles may rise and form on the back of the holds - this is not an issue and will have no effect on the structural integrity (we tested).


We're a small team - and we're dedicated to quality. This may mean stocks sometimes are low, but good things take time! We're working our hardest to produce more and more products each week, but we won't cut corners or sacrifice on quality in the process.


Each product (aside from the Barrel)  is shipped with M5 self drilling screws to be used to fix them to a secure surface (18mm Ply is recommended). A minimum of two fixing points are required! For the Board, both M5 wood screws and M10 bolts (technically they're still screws) can be used to fix to a surface. The M10 countersunk screws we supply can be used to mount the Board to a surface (with an M10 thread), or they can be used to combine two boards together to form a Pinch/Crimp Block. If you wish to mount straight to a stone wall, this should be fine, but is fully up to you. (Make sure it's strong enough and isn't just plaster boards - make sure there are no pipes or wires where you intend to drill - make sure you buy the correct wall plugs!)