We don’t like waste. 

All of our manufacturing processes are additive - this means unlike with CNCing where much of the material is wasted to create a final part, we only use the materials we need. Firstly we 3D print the parts that will become the form for the moulds. We then apply a texture finish on top of the printed part before casting in silicone to create the moulds. These moulds are reusable and allow us to cast hundreds of Boards, Edges, Holds and Barrels with little to no wastage at all.

And of course in the process, we reuse waste coffee grinds and encapsulate them into our parts. Between 15-20% of the final cast parts constitute reused coffee grinds. For context, 2.2+ billion cups of coffee are consumed each day around the world, producing more than 9 million tonnes of coffee grinds over the year! The vast majority of this waste is sent to landfill wherein it slowly decomposes and pumps out a heck of a lot of methane (which is 25 times more detrimental to global warming than C02). Now we’re not suggesting that we’re going to be able to do a great deal about this, but every little helps.

The great thing about casting is that it requires no energy/electricity to do so - once we’ve got our moulds it’s simply a process of mixing the parts together and pouring them. Of course we still use some power to post process the parts, ensuring all holes are reamed out to the correct diameter, and the backs are sanded smooth. Currently, keeping all our energy uses to a minimum and transferring to a supply of renewable energy is the best we can achieve - but we're open to suggestions for ways to improve further!



Oh, and we’re big on recycling, and hope you are too! All of our products are shipped and packaged in 100% recyclable and compostable materials (kraft card/paper), please dispose of this properly.